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What makes Pavin' The Way so special?


Customer Management

  • Manage customer addresses.
  • Manage unlimited shipping addresses
  • Manage unlimited contact names and addresses
  • Defined pricing grids and discounts.
  • Manage payment terms and payment methods.
  • Manage notes and activities for customers.
  • Review all orders, tracking and sales.

Order Entry

  • 3-Step Customer Pricing
  • - 1st step checks for Item specific discounts on an item for the customer.
  • - 2nd step checks for Category specific discounts on an item for the customer.
  • - 3rd step uses the customer's global pricing discounts.
  • Recently shipped orders to a customer and ship-to.
  • Real-time shipping quotes on Order Entry Screens.
  • Drop Ship Orders to selected Suppliers.
  • Electronic File Ordering (flat file order interface).
  • Package Tracking to Carrier websites.



  • Manage Multiple Ecommerce sites from the single PTW database.
  • Webdav into our server to manage your own smarty template designs.
  • PTW ecommerce tools allows you to manage your web content through our Intranet interface.
  • Assign specific product categories and products to each website.
  • Assign specific product pricing to each website.
  • Assign and track website promotional codes to each website.


  • Mass email customer invoices on a daily basis.
  • Mass email customer statements on a monthly basis.