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NHS - Makers of Santa Cruz skateboards, surfboards, and boarding apparrel

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PTW helped bring NHS out of the dark ages of long paper trails created by old, out-dated computer software and into the 21st century. NHS now has an integrated system of Pick, Pack and Shipping along with an online system to do all of the heavy lifting of accounting. PTW developed bill of material and production processes specifically for these clients that streamlined the process of acquiring raw goods and turning them into some really important and totally RAD finished products.

In short, these guys are rocking the making, selling, shipping and back office procedures like they never have before!In 2005, Pavin' The Way lead us into web based ERP solutions for all of our backend transaction processing and the management of our 60,000+ products. Once our production and inventory management processes were solidly in place, we were able to move into E-commerce both domestically and internationally.

Jeff Kendal, VP - Global Marketing

The best part is now the rest of the world can buy their retail goods online, something they were unable to do previously. In addition, NHS has gone global by expanding into the world wide ecommerce market, increasing their reach and their bottom line. Their distributors love them too!

PTW gave me the freedom to create the NHSFunFactory.com site while they take care of the dirty details of the backend.

Larson Holdgers, Webmaster