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  • Philosophy

    You won’t see us spending time courting fancy newspaper articles or selling to mega-sized companies. We are not interested in accolades. We are business owners, just like you. We are committed to helping your business maximize time and effort so you can see an increase in your bottom line. Your success is our success.

  • Core Ideas

    Because of our unique qualifications, we can manage the development, daily operations and customer service for our nation-wide clients. In fact, John can ride a bicycle for 6 weeks across the country and STILL work each day for PTW. Jim is a night owl who can get more done in 2 hours than most of us accomplish in a day’s time. We have been lucky, used our smarts, maximized our talents, and taken calculated risks to develop PTW. We are proud to call you a client and we will continue to work hard each day to make your day easier.

  • James Peters Founder & Owner, Technology
    Founder, CIO James Peters, has been programming custom web applications for over 25 years. Jim is a bit of an Internet prodigy. He started typing on a computer at the age of 7, began working in customer service with a small town Internet Service Provider at the age of 15 and hasn't looked back since. Jim has developed systems for everything from tracking beanie babies to multi-million dollar warehouses to huge advertising networks. His extensive background in all areas of technology provide the knowledge base for Pavin' The Way Software. He also has an uncanny ability to meet the most interesting people in the strangest places - just ask him about his latest acquaintance. Jim also plays a heck of a game of pool.
  • John WhiteFounder & Owner, Implementation
    Founder, CEO John White, has been a CPA, CFO, and CIO working in the public accounting, retail, and distribution industries for over 30 years. John has designed and implemented three applications similar to Pavin' The Way when he was part of McGladrey accounting firm, Autosource, and Major Video Distribution. John’s first job was at the age of 10 where he bussed tables at his family-owned restaurant in a small northern IL town - he eventually got promoted to short-order cook. His corporate experiences give him a sense of the big picture but his down to earth, small business sensibilities help him understand the unique concerns of his clients. His extensive background in ALL aspects of distribution, finance, computers, and software development provide the business and real world knowledge base for Pavin' The Way Software. John continues to make a mean breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon and occasionally, cinnamon rolls.